in France and abroad

OCBF was born from the grouping of around forty French sawmills, which allows it to be able to respond both to large volumes and within relatively short deadlines depending on available stocks.

We handle the management of your orders, the organization, and the delivery of goods from our various factories. A specification is defined for each manufactured product to ensure that the production across all our sawmills is consistent.

A non-exhaustive list of our products :

We mainly work with:

  • Specifiers and companies involved in the construction of dykes and bank landscaping, which can be carried out using wooden beams as a more natural and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete and stone blocks.

  • Public works companies for all their wood needs (retaining walls, fencing, etc.)

  • Landscapers for the development of parks, gardens, and various outdoor spaces.

Another important point :

All your specific requests will be studied with the greatest attention.

Who we are

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392,500 oak sleepers and timbers

National Federation of Wood

The National Federation of Wood is the professional organization of those involved in the mobilization and transformation of wood in France.



Created in 2001 at the initiative of the National Federation of Wood, FrenchTimber is supported by the French wood sector through the interprofessional organization France Bois Forêt.